who am I?

Hello everyone, I was born on a day in Mars 1979 in Tehran, the beautiful capital of Iran. The picture of my life is full of color and story, since my family has special roots of experiences and culture in its heart.

My father, Iraj, was a retired army soldier.. My mother, Zahra, was a nurse with all her heart and is one of those people who always served others. Even now, living comfortably in retirement, he uses his professional experience to take care of my family.

My brother lives in Iran with his wife and two children, and my sister lives in Austria with her family. But I have immigrated to the Netherlands with my wife since 2019, and now we have formed a family of three. Most importantly, the happiness and love we have found in our new life with our beautiful daughter, Delsa.

This blog is for me as a space where I can share my experiences, tell my opinions and thoughts and introduce the books that I like and that I think are worth reading with you. I hope this space is useful and interesting for you.

Stay tuned for future updates, because I still have new stories to tell!”