January 15, 2024

Navigating Entrepreneurship and Life Changes in the Netherlands

After a long period, I intend to start writing. I don’t know when I’ll organize myself to write and set up this website, but eventually, that day will come. After about 4 years of living in the Netherlands, I hope to find my ideal job in 2024. There are some issues in my mind that I need to solve, and without working, focus, and money, solving them is not feasible. In the past two months, I’ve been involved in designing intellcert website, which was fascinating for me to become familiar with the standard meanings worldwide. Besides the projects I have to do occasionally, I want to think creatively for myself and have an online business. I have a few ideas that I’m researching on the market, hoping to yield results, and later we can discuss them here.

As I’m writing this text now, the war in Ukraine and Gaza is not as prominent. Of course, war is intense anywhere in the world, but what I mean is that the color the media gives to them cannot reflect reality. Perhaps in the future, I’ll write more about marketing and the role of the media in the economy and politics. It’s one of my concerns. For now, I want to go to the immigration office and renew my residency. Therefore, I’ll conclude and publish this text here. Until later.

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