October 24, 2023

Challenges and Progress in the Netherlands

Today, I want to share my professional journey with you and shed light on my progress in the Netherlands. This text focuses on my professional background and the language-learning process, and it is confidently presented with a goal to be more visible not only to you but also to the world.

From the Past to the Present: Iran to the Netherlands

Before residing in the Netherlands, I was an active journalist in Iran. I also managed a public relations company with my friends, serving notable clients such as Turkish Airlines, Huawei, Alpecin, and many others. With our expertise, we engaged in various fields, including public relations, advertising, content production, and provided marketing consultancy to numerous Iranian startups.


A Change in Direction: Starting a New Life in the Netherlands

After four years of living in the Netherlands, it is evident that I cannot continue my previous career as a journalist or a public relations specialist. One of the major challenges I face is language proficiency. As you can see, my English is still a work in progress, and Dutch is an entirely different challenge. Nonetheless, I am determined to master both languages.

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The Primary Challenge: Learning a Language Without Employment

One of my main difficulties is that I haven’t been able to find an employer who is confident in hiring a non-native Dutch speaker. But how can I learn the language without a job?

The Solution: Combining Language Learning with Job Hunting

I believe it is time to break free from the cycle of school and learning and focus on job hunting. That’s why I send out my job applications and motivation letters to different employers every day. While I haven’t secured a new job yet, I remain hopeful in my progress.

The Future: Progress and Supporting the Family

I aspire to find a job soon to contribute to my family’s financial well-being. My wife and I met ten years ago in Iran, and our daughter was born in March 2020 in the Netherlands. My wife, as an accountant, has been fortunate to find a suitable employer who supports her language improvement.

If you are in search of an employer who can provide me with the opportunity to enhance my language skills, I would be delighted to hear from you.

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