October 25, 2023

Gaza and Israel Issues: Towards Multiple Justifications and Peace

The issues in the Gaza and Israel region are a complex and historically rooted matter. What we uncover often differs from what is portrayed in the media. The world of politics has its own set of interests and specialized media, and with over 20 years of journalism experience, I can tell you not to take everything at face value.

If, one day, it emerges that Israel and Hamas have been in contact to seek resolution and compromise, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to those who are well-versed in political and regional affairs. Even in times when Israel collaborates with the United States and Iran on an international agreement to put an end to conflicts and wars, this should be seen as a diplomatic move, not something the public expects.

My father has always told me, “Politics knows no father or mother.” This saying conveys that politics is a complex world with hidden interests that often remain undisclosed. However, the bitter and disheartening aspect of politics is not always visible to us, the common people. We live in this historical and political journey, witnessing the deaths of innocent lives and the loss of love and friendship among different nations.

Instead of war, we should embrace peace and direct our attention to resolving these conflicts. That’s why I don’t endorse war, and I offer these words to all those who deal in arms. I want to say that peace and solidarity among people worldwide hold greater importance and can contribute to achieving tranquility and serenity in the world.

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